At Commercial Road Dental, we like to make your dental visits as friendly and relaxed as possible. We also understand the importance of being informed. Below are some frequently asked questions answered.

Are you a new patient?

At Commercial Road Dental, we accept all health funds, also we are a BUPA preferred provider; therefore, our fees are consistent with BUPA and their members, we offer “NO GAP” payments for initial consultation which includes:-
Exam, Hygiene Clean and X-Rays (if needed).

How Much does Dental Treatment cost?

Of course, the cost of dental treatment depends on what sort of treatment is required. This is determined after the dentist has done a thorough examination and treatment plan, this may include x-rays.

What is the Child Dental Benefit Schedule?

Commercial Road Dental supports the Children’s Dental Benefit Scheme. This government funded program provides children aged 2-18 years with $1000, capped over 2 consecutive calendar years for basic dental services.

These dental services include:

Hygiene Visit, Fissure Sealants, X Rays, Fillings, Wisdom Teeth and General Dental.

Still have questions?